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Audiolibro Faked

Audiolibro Faked

El autor del libro Faked es Karla Sorensen y el narrador es Cindy Kay. Este libro pertenece a las categorías Comedia romántica, Contemporánea, está narrado en Inglés y su duración es de 7 horas y 13 mins.

¿Quién es el autor del libro Faked?

El autor del libro Faked es Karla Sorensen

¿Quién es el narrador del libro Faked?

El narrador del libro Faked es Cindy Kay

¿En qué lenguaje está narrado el audiolibro Faked?

Este audiolibro está narrado en Inglés

¿De cuánto es la duración del audiolibro Faked?

La duración del audiolibro es de 7 horas y 13 mins

¿En qué formato está el audiolibro Faked?

El formato del audiolibro es: Versión íntegra


¿A qué categorías pertenece este audiolibro?

Este audiolibro pertenece a las categorías: Comedia romántica, Contemporánea

¿Cuál es la descripción de este audiolibro?

Resumen del editor

Every action has a consequence, and Claire Ward knows it. And yet, even knowing that her decision to swap places with her identical twin sister, Lia, for a night could be disastrous, she still does it. Why? Because it will give her an evening with the man she’s been crushing on for years, Lia’s best friend, Finn. Miss Straight-A Student has thought through all the angles and knows the risk is worth it. And everything would have been fine if Finn had been the one to show up at her door. But it wasn’t. Bauer Davis – Finn’s half brother and his exact opposite in just about every definable category is the one waiting for her instead. A professional snowboarder, Bauer is covered in ink, full of attitude, and has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Olympus. The kind of bad boy that Claire has never been attracted to before. Now the good girl is with the wrong brother for a night, and when the consequence is that they have to pretend to be together for an event, it’s nothing she could have predicted. But maybe, just maybe, what makes Bauer so bad, is exactly what Claire needs.

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